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The most important thing for us

is to assist/help and to encourage as many people as we can to dare! To strive and dream for a better home. For a better life. Well, there’s a mission ahead of us. It has always been one. And it’s also as simple as it gets- to spread the understanding of our environment. To cooperate with people in order to understand objects and their influence and impact over us, their colour, their harmony and combination.  To engage one’s mind and heart into the participation of life, to see a dwelling not just as a place but as a lifestyle and home.

By using the Tallbox platform, we aim to reveal the answers to multiple questions, which people are wondering in a situation when a home has to be furnished or renovated. What colours are most suitable? How do I combine colours with furniture? How do I squeeze so much stuff that I want in so much less space I have got, so there will be a place for everything I need, and it will look good?

Years and years of knowledge and experience in the interior design

Our vision is to share everything we know and every bit of experience in the interior design with the society. In many different forms, in many different ways, it has been happening, and it will happen. So there we are- articles, video, informational graphics, inspirations. All the things that provoke, inspire, create, support and work with creative people.
The professional successes of the people in our staff is a tool to everyone, an instrument which aims to show the future generations that IF one does whatever he/she dreams about, the success is inevitable.

Projects at home. Projects abroad.

We are so fond of home. Not just here at home, but wherever a home is felt. Our projects are worldwide not just for the work itself, but for communication sake. For the idea of keeping in touch with our colleagues in the interior design and lifestyle. Whatever they are.

The successful Internet communication is of an enormous importance, and the aim is to communicate as much as we can with society. Role-plays, articles, information texts and feedback. Yes, that’s a pretty good tested formula, which we have tried many times before to unify and merge communities with interests in interior design and attempts to keep environment vivid and to transform a simple place into a home.

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