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Our 3D Interior Visualisation method for high-quality visualisations [explained].

Our 3D Interior Visualisation method aims to set order and cut production times of each project. By having in place, a strict management process that allows us flexibility, high-quality visualisations and at the same time secures our market competitiveness directly takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Took years of hard work and sleepless nights to adjust the right all processes which will allow us continuous work-flow.

Close collaboration with our Interior Design clients and partners sits across the system and assures that we are in constant elaboration.
We appreciate productive criticism as this allows us to evolve.
Below I will explain the fundamental steps for achieving high-quality 3D visualisation that each Interior Visualisation project must have.

Step One to achiving high-quality 3D visualisations: Initial Brief meeting

We are not one of the many Visualisation companies or freelancers that get DWG’s and turn them into 3D models and visuals on the base – point and shoot. TALLBOX has a eleven-years of invaluable experience in Interior Design and Build sector.
That is the reason that we always start with an Initial Brief meeting.

high-quality 3d visualisation

That meeting will lay the foundation of each project. We start by setting the agenda of these thirty or sixty minutes. Often meetings are virtual (skype, facetime or other) as we value our partner’s time.

We will discuss and research:

  • general information about the project
  • problems that may occur
  • sketches / possible ideas that your design team have
  • time constraints
  • budget constraints

After all, information is gathered, we’ll discuss a possible 3D Interior Visualisation strategy. Which after the meeting, we will provide in full writing (e-mail) in 12 to 24 hours.

Step two to achieving high-quality 3D visualisations : File exchange

This is the time when we should receive full sets:

  • DWG’s: Floor plans, Construction, Ceiling plans, Furniture
  • Design sketches: Hand sketches, Sketchup or Photoshop collages
  • Specification lists
  • Photos of current conditions
  • References: Mood boards or Reference photos
Interior 3D Visualisation File exchange phase | TALLBOX

Anything that will be helpful for us to use for the 3D interior visualisation.

Don’t worry; we provide a list of those required.

The experience shows that not all projects are at an equal stage where all documents are present. Some of the architectural visualisation projects we work on are at Mood board stage or pitching stage while other comes as a complete package of documentation.
Luckily our system allows us to start and finish almost every project at every stage.

It is not a rare occasion where we support with interior design assistance to finish the project by communicating directly with the end client on our partner’s behalf.

Step Three to achieving high-quality 3D visualisations : Building-up the 3D models and views

Interior 3D Visualisation Pre-Design CLAY phase | TALLBOX

It’s not an exciting stage for you but is important to set up the base of the project.

  • perspectives and views
  • the boundaries of the model
  • structure – walls, floors, ceiling, openings

This is where we check if there are any mistakes in translating from 2D to 3D.

These types of images we refer as Clay renderings.

By going through this stage, we solve all solids and volumes. You should not expect to see any details or materials, yet. The purpose here is to clear out all hanging related to space only.

Usually, we don’t advise showing these images to end-clients if the layout is agreed. On occasions where the project is not further down the design stage, and the layout is not sorted fully, we advise and insist on showing and discussing with the end-client.

Typical end-client questions you should expect to get:

Is this the 3D interior visualisation?

Where are my chair and table?

Can you show me other perspectives?

I can’t wait to see the coloured version of the 3d file!

Can we see a night version?

A lot of the questions might be directly relevant. The list does not stop here, but you get the sense of what should you expect.

We developed a custom solution that will answer most of the questions up front, which means – less hassle on your end.
Our 3D Interior Visualisation Interactive tool gives you unlimited possibilities to communicate your design ideas.

Voice messages, video, info. Boxes, light-boxes, URL integration, comment boxes (two-way interaction), website integration (yes, you can integrate this into your website) and many more options.

3D Interior Visualisation interactive
Interactive 3D Interior Visualisation | TALLBOX

Our interior design partners loves this tool, as it saves of time back and fourth dealing with client questions.

Josh Levis – Interior Designer

Pre-design 3D visualisation stage

When all questions are answered we move to the next stage, which is fun – materials and textures.

Step Four to achieving high-quality 3D visualisations : Setting materials and textures

Interior 3D Visualisation pre-design phase | TALLBOX

Pre-design Phase. That is the time where we need You to become the ultimate decision maker.
This magical moment where the white and empty clay renderings become comfortable spaces with texture, details and colours.
Those mood boards and specification sheets come in use here. We test and implement furniture, lights, soft furnishings, tiles, floors, wall colours – everything. When the internal areas are approved, we build the local environment in 3D or by 2D collages (if agreed).

Sadly, the Fun part is quite time-consuming for both sides. We would be asking for your opinion, sending draft visuals of the project.

We value your time, and this is the reason for our R & D module at the beginning of each 3D visualisation project.

With your help – together we will come up with a plan on the atmosphere and aesthetics of space.
Often we visualise even light studies to find out how the environment will interact with materials and light.

Interior 3D Visualisation Light Study

Our light studies are 95 per cent reflection of the reality, which means we take real values of all light fixtures, sun position and local environment in our calculations. Working with the lighting designer and expert helps us to determine what should be improved.

* Interior Visualisation Light Studies is an additional service which includes a third-party specialist

Step Five to achieving high-quality 3D visualisations : Project submission

interior_3d_visualisation_project submission
Interior 3d Visualisation Project Submission | TALLBOX

Images will speak for themselves. At this point, it is likely your end client to be thrilled and excited about their project.

Once we finish with rendering and post-production we would provide you with all agreed Interior 3D Visuals at 300dpi. and 3K or 4K resolution.

At this point there shouldn’t be more changes or comments. But as we live in world where everything is possible, we provide the opportunity to amend what is picked up by you or your client. After evaluation from our side, we will come back with schedule for execution, details and terms.

Conclusion and key points on
3D Interior Visualisation method

This is not the ultimate guide on Our 3D Interior Visualisation method for high-quality visualisations. Such a thing can’t exist as regularly we push our limits and evolve. It means we are flexible and often goes further than we should by adding more service and phases to our Visualisation services.

Key points of Our 3D Interior Visualisation method for high-quality visualisations [explained]

  • Starting with an initial brief meeting is an investment for the success by discussing general information and constraints about the project
  • Sending over all the required files. You should receive from us a list of the needed data. If you don’t have files, we can help you make them with our interior design assistance service.
  • That is the stage where we build/translate everything in 3D. A proven strategy that aims to pick all project errors before the pre-design phase.
  • At the pre-design phase, everything starts to make sense — light, materials, colours, details. We test and implement furniture, lamps, soft furnishings, tiles, floors, wall colours – everything.
  • Final submission. By that time you should be celebrating the success of the project and preparing for the next phase of your interior design project – construction and supervision.

Have questions about our service: Architectural visualisation for property developments?

We are happy to provide you with free guidance and advice, simply drop us an e-mail or call us.


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FAQ: 3D Interior Visualisation method

What is the difference between your 3D Interior Visualisation method and the rest?

The difference is significant. Although it may look that all 3D renderings can’t be much different, our Interior Visualisation method is a whole system of processes proven by time and experience.
We don’t do just 3D renderings, we have a system in place, and client management that ensures we have covered all points from the brief and delivered images are quality work that will win the client’s opinion.

What are the benefits of using your 3D Interior Visualisation services?

3D Interior Visualisation services are a whole system constructed to work as a machine delivering high-quality products to other fellow Interior Designers that need 3D renderings.
Our proven track record of experience as Interior Designers (Design and Build) put us a step ahead. We will never use any random 3D model from Interior for your projects if it can’t be delivered and installed in reality and according to your client’s budget.

What software do you use to render all 3D renderings of the interior design projects?

Daily in our work as 3D Interior Design Visualisers, we use a mixture of open-source and paid software like SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Blender, Corona, Affinity Designer, Davinci Resolve and many others 3rd party plugins that help us to speed up some processes that usually take more time if made in the native applications only.

Are you Interior Designers or only 3D Visualisers?

TALLBOX’s team is a mixture of Interior Designers and Architects which are highly experienced doing 3D visualisations.

Does your 3D Interior Visualisation method cover conceptual stage?

We got you covered! Indeed, our 3D Interior Visualisation service includes the conceptual stage of the interior design project. That means we know that sometimes you might need a few iterations and alterations to your concepts to fit the needs of your clients.

Can you amend 3D renderings after the final submission of the project?

If it is necessary and justified, we’ll do it. Additional will be applied, but before that, we’ll check if we can’t solve your problem without new 3D renderings and more fees.

Can you deliver 3D interior animation of an interior design concept?

Yes, as Interior Designers, we know how important it is for your client to feel special and in good hands.
The 3D interior animations that we can deliver at the conceptual stage are a mixture of 3D Interior renderings, still, images, sound, text information, interactive images and real-life video all combined into an immersive short animation.
This product almost instantly by itself will provide answers to tons of questions that your clients may have.

Can you deliver 3D interior walkthrough animation?

We love what we do. 3D interior walkthrough animation is one of our specialities.
We put a lot of effort to tell a story and make the 3D animation be experienced as if in real life by the spectators.
Telling a story in 3D interior walkthrough animation provides value that will help your interior design project to be loved and experienced long before is a reality.

How much your 3D Interior Visualisation service cost as a package?

Although, it is a broad topic usually Interior visualisation projects are calculated based on multiple factors.
Often, we work in packages of 3D interior renderings, Concept Images and Animation in other words – the level of engagement.
The more services you order, the less you pay.
Our full level of engagement as 3D Interior Visualisers for your Interior Design project may vary from £3500 up to £8,500 (with an unlimited amount of 3D renderings, up to 60 seconds 3D interior animation and many more)

How much your 3D Interior Visualisation service cost per 3D rendering?

Pricing per 3D Interior Rendering starts from £490 – £690. More can be found on this page along with some other information: Architectural and Design Visualisation prices.

Have another question related to 3D Interior Visualisation? These two topics might give you the answer you are looking for.

Click on one of the links below to read.

Before you close this page, I want to share this fantastic video by Arqui9 where they talk on how important it is for the Visualiser to understand the interior design project and explore different options.

This is a link to their website. Predominantly they make commercial exterior visualisations, check out their amazing folio: Arqui9

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